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MAKS 2017 15

The biennial Moscow Air Show (MAKS) held at Zhukovsky airport, is the most important Russian aviation trade event and features a wide array of Russian aviation products.

MAKS 2017 01

The Baltic Bees operate the well-known L-39, three of them can be seen here climbing out in a tight formation.

MAKS 2017 02

General aviation in Russia: a civil operated L-39 that visited Zhukovsky for the show.

MAKS 2017 03

Team Rus’ is another team flying the L-39. The team is part of the DOSAAF and is based at Vyazma, a major Russian aviation training centre.

MAKS 2017 07MAKS 2017 04

A type that very much appeals to the aviation enthusiast is the Su-34 strike fighter, with its distinctive Platypus nose.

MAKS 2017 12MAKS 2017 05

The Tu-22M3 “Backfire” is without doubt one of the fastest bomber’s ever built. This example was shown on the static display at MAKS.

MAKS 2017 09

Sukhoi’s latest fighter, is the PAK-FA or Su T-50, which was revealed as the Su-57 during the show. Three different examples showed off their agility during the daily displays.

MAKS 2017 06

Underlining Russia’s great aviation heritage and victory over Nazi Germany, the Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik, which was made its first post-restoration flight about a month before the show. It is the only flying example in Russian of the tank-killer of which more than 35,000 where built…

MAKS 2017 08

The latest development of the MiG-29 is the state of the art MiG-35, which nicely pulled its drag chutes before making a turn towards the public.

MAKS 2017 10

The Yak-130 is the Russian air force new advanced trainer and counter insurgency aircraft. A red prototype can be seen in this picture.

MAKS 2017 11

A small but very agile training aircraft developed partially by the air force is the SR-10. One of its most remarkable features is a forward-swept wing.

MAKS 2017 13

Zhukovsky offers business-men to have themselves pictured in the cockpit of the Tu-160 bomber, also dubbed the White Swan.

MAKS 2017 18

The trainer that never became a success, the MiG-AT was displayed at Zhukovsky as part of Russian aviation heritage.

MAKS 2017 16

The mighty Russian Bear, as much as a national symbol, is also the world’s fastest propeller aircraft.

MAKS 2017 14

The Yak-152 made its first flight in 2016, the second example is seen here. It is intended to replace the Yak-52.

MAKS 2017 17

Another oddity, the MiG 1.44 Mnogofunksionalni Frontovoy Istrebitel (multifunctional frontline fighter) which was first flown in 2000 and subsequently cancelled the same year.