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Trincomalee/China Bay

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China Bay is the place were SLAF pilots are trained. They start on the Ce150...

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...and continue on the CJ6, a Chinese development of the Yak-52.

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Fighter pilots then proceed to the K-8 Karakorum.


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Also in the Northern half of the country is helicopter base Anuradhapura. It houses the Mi-17 fleet of 6sq. Seen here is a Mi-171.

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These helicopters are usually detached and dispersed around the country.


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Main helicopter base is Hingarukgoda. Here 7sq uses two vairants of Bell helicopters. The Bell 206...

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...and the Bell 212.

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Of course, apart from transports like the Bell 212, the attack helicopters of 9sq also have their domicile here. This is a Mi-35V being tested after some maintenance was performed.

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The Mi-35P is the export version of the twin-barelled Mi-24P. But most numerous is the V model.

This concludes our overview, well not quite, we could not resist this MiG-23UB as a tribute to SLAF's heritage.

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